Wednesday, May 03, 2006

journal entry 246...

last night i dreamt of thievery and repurcussions.

an old friend from college - or maybe i was in college in the dream - and i stole something and the missing item was discovered to be missing and we were the prime suspects. throughout the whole thing i kept telling her "deny, deny, deny, no matter what they say." and even though we had plenty of time alone together to get our story straight we never did. we went to walmart or some place to buy buttloads of candy insrtead. (ha! college!)

when it was time for the interrogation i was annoyed that we hadn't worked out a story and i had a feeling she was going to blab. i thought to myself, "this is weird. i always tell the truth so i'm not sure i can go through with this. but if she's denying it i'll make her look bad when i confess."

i don't know how it all turned out because my crack interrogation team turned out to be the guys who own the corner market by my house and they were playing a record of nursery rhymes in spanish. i was really excited and thought, "cool! now i'll finally learn spanish! why didn't i think of this sooner?"

i don't know if i blabbed or she denied because as soon as they started singing "mary had a little lamb" en espanol i started singing along and then my alarm went off and i woke up.

what does it all mean?!?! ha.

my dad and CA sent me a birthday present. i think it's the first time ever. it was almost a month late, but it was nice that they remembered anyway. apparently they think i'm really fancy and sophisticated or something. they sent me this slate cheese slab from pottery barn and a book about fancy cheeses.

i do love cheese, but i'm not a fancy person so i'm not sure where the hell i'm going to put this thing or when i'll get a chance to use it. they're supposed to come out here for a visit this summer so i guess i'll use it then at least. if i don't break it first. it's very fancy and fragile and worrisome.

oh well, it's the thought that counts. and i'm thinking "my parents don't know me at all." ha! but i guess i don't really know them either. i mean, who really knows anyone? you might think you do, but the next thing you know they're fucking your ex-boyfriend and you're wishing they were both dead. but i digress...

the weather has been really gorgeous lately and it's made me happier. my dad remembered my birthday for once and that made me happy too. i guess things aren't so bad these days. and they seem to be getting better.

i won't even consider the possibility that it won't last.


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