Monday, May 08, 2006

journal entry 249...

sometimes i miss the 'burbs. i miss being able to ride my bike everywhere. i miss having a porch or patio to sit on. i miss going to rudy's after work. or gordon biersch. i even miss ringing up all of those assholes at WFM. i miss my old friends.

maybe i just miss my youth. if i moved back there it would probably be nothing like i remember and i'd be disappointed and wish i'd stayed here.

i don't know. i must be going through something. wondering if i haven't fucked up a few things. if i wouldn't be happier if i'd made some different choices.

but i didn't. i made the choices i made and i'm here now. there's no going back. not really.

i miss being twenty-four. i miss feeling like i have all the time in the world and that there will still be plenty of time to fix things if i fuck them up. i miss that feeling a lot.


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