Friday, May 12, 2006

journal entry 254...

lots of weird dreams last night but the only one i can remember is that there was some kind of nursery school recital or something and one of the little girls was wearing a thong under her dress instead of a diaper.

i was shocked and outraged that she was all "sexed up" at such a young age and was looking around for her mother to tell her off when the little girl took a dump right there on the stage.

i guess she felt pretty much the same way about it that i did.

my dad called a couple of weeks ago to tell me that they're coming out here for a visit this summer and that's the last i've heard.

i've left two VMs and sent them a card telling them how excited i am and to let me know when so i can get the time off from work and of course they haven't. so i stopped at a tourist trap on my way home and bought seven postcards for a dollar. i'm going to send them one everyday and only write "WHEN???!!!" and "WISH YOU WERE HERE!!!" and things of that nature on them. they'll get to see how lovely it is out here and also what a freak i am. it'll be like i'm stalking my own parents. har.

t.g.i.friday. i'm glad i get to sleep in tomorrow.


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