Monday, May 22, 2006

journal entry 258...

good lord.

last night i was having such a scary dream that i woke myself up and walked around for a minute so i wouldn't fall back into it when i went back to sleep.

it started with me working at a fast food restaurant. i think it was wendy's. the shop was closed but the last shift hadn't done any cleaning and i was concerned about the morning shift so i started cleaning it up by myself. there was so much work to do though i started getting stressed out.

as i was mopping the floors i found this extra room and the dream kind of changed a bit. it started to feel like a BUFFY episode or something and i began poking around. there were all of these extra rooms and it turned into the scary old house i always dream about. it's really dilapidated and there are nails poking out everywhere and broken glass scattered on the floor. i knew there was a girl in the house and she was really angry with me for some reason. i didn't want her to know i knew she was there so i was acting all nonchalant but really i was terrified.

i pretended to take a nap and she scattered more broken glass around where i was "sleeping" and took the shoes by my bed. i had suspected she would do that so i had hidden a pair of shoes in the bed with me. when i heard her walk away i got up to see what she was doing. apparently there was a witch/zombie/demon in the attic and the girl was trying to break through the ceiling of her room to free it to come kill me. it was hissing and moaning and helping rip through the floorboards trying to free itself.

i decided i needed to make an escape right away so i jumped out of bed and started climbing through broken windows and crawl spaces until i finally found a window to the outside. i freed myself but the girl was suddenly right behind me so i kept running and running and running until i thought i'd die from exhaustion. i eventually lost her.

suddenly i was in the ocean and there were these enormous waves knocking me about. i kept thinking how perfectly lovely the water was, so brilliant and blue, but i was scared of it too. the waves kept pushing me further and further from where i wanted to go but i knew it was futile to fight against it so i didn't resist and just floated where it took me. i decided i'd figure out how to get back once it washed me up on the beach.

somehow i found my way back to the fast food restaurant and the next shift was on. since i hadn't finished cleaning up the place i was worried they'd be angry with me so i snuck in quietly to see what was up before i let them know i was there.

apparently, the evil girl was still there and she was really pissed that i had gotten away so she was torturing the workers to find out where i was. none of them knew so she started killing them by putting them in these huge, fiery ovens. i could hear them screaming in agony and crying for help and i was terrified.

she took some of the others and put them through these giant meat slicers and it was so horrifying that i thought i was going to die from fright. i was shaking and weeping and i was getting ready to start sobbing uncontrollably but i knew that would lead her to me so i tried my hardest to keep quiet but the shock and horror was just too overwhelming. my teeth were chattering so hard from fear that she heard and turned to come after me. that's when i finally woke myself up because i knew i couldn't handle anything further even if it was only a dream.

when i woke up i was really, really scared and went to the bathroom to get it out of my mind but i still felt totally creeped out. i think that's the most frightened i've been in a really long time.

and now i'm kind of sleepy from lack of rest.


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