Wednesday, June 07, 2006

journal entry 261...

sometimes i wonder what in the world my dreams could possibly mean. this morning i'm thinking "that i'm losing my mind?"

last night i had a million weird dreams involving xmas presents piled outside of abandoned apartments, hotrod paint jobs, cow milking, hotel room comparison shopping, long distance running, fried chicken with britney spears, and fly fishing cut short by near decapitation.

and somehow all of these dreams flowed naturally, one into the other, until the head chopping off part when i woke up with great relief to discover my head still fully attached. i am exhausted from all the activity though.

the parts i remember most vividly are:

transferring britney's breaded chicken breasts from the frying pan to a cookie sheet covered with paper towels to absorb the grease - one of the breasts was perfectly breaded and crispy and the others were a bit flimsy and under cooked.

arguing with my dad about where to take the hotrod for a new paint job - he didn't feel midas was "all that".

discovering that all of the xmas packages piled in front of an apartment i didn't remember ever being at were addressed to me.

requesting valerian root and some other herbs to calm my nerves as i waited for the ambulance to arrive.

how my mom just laid in the bed with her arm across her face and didn't want to comfort me as i waited for the ambulance to arrive.

how surprised i was that there wasn't more blood.

sitting up too quickly and my head sliding off my shoulders. i caught it just in time and placed it back where it belonged even though it was wobbly. it didn't really hurt, but it was quite worrisome.

it was weird how the head chopping part even happened.

britney spears and i were standing in a calm river frying chicken and fly fishing when a huge sheet of ice broke off from a frozen cliff way above us. (this was due to global warming.) i didn't even notice it until britney cried out and grabbed onto the back of her head. it was a clean cut and nearly severed the whole thing, save for a small bit in the back of her neck that kept it attached.

i screamed out to all the people around us to call 911 and as i panicked and freaked out, britney disappeared and i was suddenly in an unfamiliar apartment and it was me with the nearly severed head. i just tried to remain calm and not to lose my head (haha) and wanted to laugh at the absurdity of it all but for fear of my head bouncing off from the belly laugh.

so, so weird.

i woke up before the ambulance arrived so i don't know how it would've turned out. maybe i would've gotten into the ambulance and someone else would have gotten the severed head and i'd have gone back to the fried chicken and fly fishing.

still - i prefer the dreams where christian bale and johnny depp are in love with me and fighting for my undivided attention.


Blogger Bobby said...

I love it when dreams are so entertaining. It's better than the movies.

June 08, 2006 9:15 PM  

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