Wednesday, June 28, 2006

journal entry 265...

J is such a lying, hypocritical, disgusting, phony mother fucker.

the only reason he was half way decent was because of me. i brought out the best in him and educated him and made him aware of the world arond him and his responsibility in it. now that he's with A he has reverted back to a moronic asshole. they're both so fucking stupid. he makes me fucking SICK! god! i hate him! what the fuck i ever saw in him is beyond me. i was faking myself out, trying to make myself believe we were good together when all along i was just settling. he is and always has been a dumbfuck. selfish and shallow and stupid. both of them.

sicksicksicksicksick mother fucking fuckhead. i hate them both so much. fucking assholes!


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