Wednesday, August 16, 2006

journal entry 278...

i keep having these dreams about my soulmate.

they are generally happy and satisfying but when i wake up i can't remember or even visualize who the soulmate was.

the dreams seem so realistic that i feel like i've looked into the future so it's frustrating when i can't remember what or who i saw.

i woke up from one of these soulmate dreams around 4 o'clock this morning and immediately lost all sense of it. i tried to fall back to sleep quickly to recapture it but i wasn't successful. in the follow-up dream, ben stiller was my boyfriend and we were both working in a pet store getting ready for school to start in a few weeks. i was happy in the dream but i knew he wasn't my soulmate. i was just killing time until someone better came along. i think he was too.


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