Sunday, September 03, 2006

journal entry 282...

sometimes i'll hear a song and be filled with an overwhelming sense of contentment and joy. usually this is because the song reminds me of my youth or some good time i had back then. i remember old friends and old times and then, just as quickly as it came over me, the song ends and i'm back here, in my real life where i started.

i wonder, will i hear a song ten years from now and will it remind me of this time in my life? will i be filled with a sense of joy and contentment that i don't notice right now? i mean, i wasn't filled with it ten years ago was i? i don't remember being particularly happy or anything. i was just me.

i guess i have lots of good memories of doing random fun stuff with people. baseball games, parties, closing shifts, concerts, picnics, rudy's, rose 'n' crown, litticoates, miyaki's...lots of other things that don't even exist anymore.

"i'm nostalgic for stuff that happened five minutes ago."

yeah, me too, max, me too.


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