Friday, September 08, 2006

journal entry 284...

lots of times i dream of cars going off course, or planes skimming oceans, or restrooms full of voyeurs when i'm at my most vulnerable.

last night i dreamt we were flying. well, almost.

at one point it was over and you (MY) and i were in a coffee shop eating muffins and there was someone else there (SP) who wore warm slippers. i said, "oh, like on virgin." you looked at me strange but i was talking about the slippers. i heard they give them out in first class.

but in the beginning, when we were flying (but not really), i was pissed. the pilot said, "everyone remember: as we enter the tunnel, lift up your feet and kick off. and don't forget to wave your hands in the air."

i was pissed because i thought, "we paid full price for these tickets, why do we have to push off? we paid for the tickets, they should do the hard stuff. we should get to just sit here."

but you plugged your ears and kicked off like you were riding a skateboard. you kicked and kicked and kicked.

we almost got going.

and then suddenly it was like a train and we were coming out of a tunnel or something. we were supposed to kick off to catch air before we crashed into everything. some people kicked off, some people cried, some people complained. and then the pilot said, "we're on the wrong runway. i'm sorry, you can quit kicking now. i'm gonna bring it to a stop and you can get off."

i was like, "hell yeah. i knew that shit was fucked up, and not just coz i'm lazy."

but then it switched again and i was in some kind of camp? the restroom or something? but the play was about to start and i couldn't find my pants. i was in the stall thinking, "why do i always do this? it's not even a dream anymore. now i just show up at places and forget where my pants are."

and then i thought, "oh, fuck it. i wanna see this show."

and i walked out half naked and woke up.


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