Friday, September 15, 2006

journal entry 286...

one year is just around the corner. i feel different and the same.

this time last year i was sad and angry and frustrated but i had no idea how much worse it would get. at the time i thought what i was going through was the worst thing ever. and it was, until something worse happened.

i feel different: not as sad, not as angry, not as confused. but i feel the same too: disappointed that i don't believe anymore. angry that the people i thought were one way were another. sad that so much i once considered precious was wasted and lost.

sometimes i'm sad and long for the days when i was still innocent and felt like i had my whole life ahead of me. now i feel like i missed the train too many times over the years and wonder if i can ever catch up.

"i kept seeing things as a postponement of my life and then i realized, this is my llife."

who said that?


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