Sunday, October 08, 2006

journal entry 289...

i was folding laundry earlier and came across a shirt J gave to me a few months before we broke up. when he gave it to me i remember thinking this will be a momento. someday when we're no longer together i'll look back on moment. this shirt will remind me.

i guess there was always a part of me that knew it wouldn't last.

i've been dreaming of A a lot lately. last night i dreamt she was dating an old boyfriend, but it wasn't J. it was a different old boyfriend but i was stilll quite angry and hateful. the night before last i dreamt that i ran into her somewhere and she asked if she could borrow something, i can't remember what it was. i replied, no, because i hate you. i don't remember the rest of the dream.

the year of firsts is almost behind me. my second halloween alone is coming up. then my second thanksgiving, then christmas, then new years. on october 24th i'm putting this all behind me and moving on. it's going to be a much better year, i can feel it.


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