Tuesday, October 10, 2006

journal entry 290...

it seems like i dream mostly about planes, plane crashes, elephants, storms and raging oceans, and old, dilapidated houses.

last night i dreamt that i was on a runway and a plane flew over and landed on its head. i was surprised and worried but everybody got off safely. the flight attendant said it was actually more common than you'd expect. she said lots of planes fly upside down and then they can't get turned back over before they land. it was very weird.

i also dreamt i was at a little gas station market with some old friends and i think J was there too. we were going to do some sight seeing and were trying to decide on snacks to take with us. i think we decided on generic junior mints but i really wanted these mini snickers bars. i idn't throw a fit or anything though. i was concerned that we didn't have anything salty to balance it all out.

we ended up sight seeing in some cave. it was dark and i was trying to figure out which setting on my camera was night vision. i used the camera i sold to J and i thought to myself how my own camera is so much better. i wasn't mad or upset with him or anything though. and A never showed up so it was less hostile than usual.

a few weeks ago i dreamt about a plane that was a snowglobe. you could see all the people in it and it was tipping over and flying all crazy so the "snow" was flowing all over the palce. i think all of the passengers were buddhist monks.

what could it all mean?


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