Wednesday, November 22, 2006

journal entry 300...

last night it was more dreams of husbands and wives and me having crushes. this time it was KI, though, and i was trying to seduce his wife and convince her that i was no threat. that it was her i was in love with. i don't remember if it was true or just and act to be with KI behind her back. i think i really loved her.

i also dreamt that rick springfield was on tour again and i saw him perform at some auditorium that seemed much too small for a star of his caliber. there weren't that many people there and i felt bad for him. at one point he looked directly at me (i think it was during jesse's girl) and i could tell he was quite sad and disappointed.

i remember when i was in fifth or sixth grade and i used to watch general hospital because i had a huge crush on him. i was only eleven or twelve so i think it was more paternal than sexual. i wanted a strong, successful, handsome dad like dr. noah drake.

i'm spending thanksgiving at the SPCA tomorrow, with the motherless kitties. i have much to be thankful for, so i am.


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