Wednesday, November 22, 2006

journal entry 301...

i remember one of my favorite thanksgivings. it was at gummy and it was a beautiful, clear day. warm and lovely too.

everyone was there, even people i didn't really like, but i was happy to see them. jonathan made this disgusting soup that everyone hated and i was too young and bitchy to not tell him. it was 2 in the afternoon and we were all drunk and starving anyway.

i always think of that one as my most favorite thanksgiving ever, but i'm not even sure what year it was. '93? '94? '95?

my second favorite thanksgiving ever was my first one out here. with lara. we shoplifted hundreds of dollars worth of food, beverage, and housewares from the store we worked at and we drank and cooked and invited lots of people over. it was lovely. also quite warm and beautiful. i guess that's the way it usually is out here at this time. i do miss the way it used to make me a lot happier though.

i do miss those days i loved, with my whole life ahead of me. before i even knew there were "kinds" of wine, and not just "red", "white", and "pink zin".

did everything turn out okay? am i good with the way things are? i think my 1993-1995 self is super disappointed. my old lady 2006 self is pretty content with it though.

(right now i am missing my 1993 self and the 1993 KI i was in love with. who knows what our 2006 selves would be now though. i'm sure id' be equally disappointed.)

i still love KI even though we're both totally different now. my 1993 me misses his 1993 him terribly.

terribly terribly.


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