Thursday, December 14, 2006

journal entry 303...

it's weird how people and relationships drift in and out of our lives. like how there was a time when my best-friend was janelle steffy and i thought the world would end if we couldn't have recess together forever.

and in high school, when dave and beth fucked one another and i had to dump them both, how i thought i'd never ever get over it. i was frantic with anxiety and worry. how would i ever find another best-friend or boyfriend again?

then there are the people who mean the world to you but then they move away or you move away or one of you changes jobs and your social circles change and you see each other less and less until you forget about one another entirely.

some of them i haven't forgotten entirely though and i do wonder about them now and then. it's just so strange how someone could be such an important part of your daily life, like you see them every single day and think you always will, but then you don't and eventually you don't really even mind.


Blogger Travis said...

HEY! Ha, I found your blog when I was lyrics searching (you helped out with a sean hayes song - thanks!)

But yea, this is one thing I think a lot about. Its funny and weird when I remember there were people who were such a large part of my life, just months ago. I thought that my friendships were some defining part of my life, but then we just drift apart. Its like reading a book, and thinking that you know the ending. Knowing for sure that something will or won't happen, an then when the opposite happens, theres nothing you can do. You can't rewrite it, you just have to keep reading on.

But the thing that always gives me comfort is knowing that at that time that I knew that person, it was probably what I needed at that time. And out of all those situations, I grew a little bit.

November 30, 2009 7:55 PM  

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